Fully customised gaming computer – hand built

This device was a project for a customer requiring a very fast and modern gaming computer. All parts were ordered through our supplier and took a few days to build, tweak, stress test and configure for it’s long term purpose. I went for the the Corsair liquid cooled, triple fan device as it would be cooling the latest 10th Gen Intel i5 unlocked chip, which we managed to overclock to 4.6Ghz. 32Gb of RAM plus a 1660 TI Overclocked NVidia GPU, again pushing close to 2000 Cuda cores. The latest Asus ROG Strix motherboard also took this device further in terms of next level gaming.

Finished the device off with 9 fans and sealed for perfect air flow control and topped off with customised RGB LED’s to make this one hell of a gaming rig. Upon bench mark testing this came in the top 10, so very pleased and so was the customer.