iOpen Solutions – Privacy Policy & GDPR Statement
  • Any data that is retained from the form submission linked here:
    is expressly used to gain knowledge on your enquiry and for contacting you directly.
  • Said contact form submissions can only be completed and submitted once you have consented to the privacy policy by activating the tick box on the form. Privacy policy based on GDPR law is the statement you are now reading.
  • Any form data including personal information that is submitted, is authorised by you upon clicking the submit button.
  • Your data will be emailed securely using a SSL certificate and encrypted during transport to the site administrator.
  • Your data once used will be deleted or held on this site until removed by the site owner or by email from the person based on the “right to be forgotten” request, which must be emailed directly stating that clause.
  • No other data is held on the web server or by the site owner.
  • For any enquiries please email: info@iopensolutions directly with the subject