Gaming Suites & Rigs

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    Gaming plays a massive part of our recreational lifestyle and as avid gaming fanatics, we can provide a lot of technical expertise in this area, but more importantly we can provide multiple services for the gaming enthusiast. Over the years we have a built several gaming suites for small LAN parties and events to promote game releases or promotional days.

    Gaming Services:

    • Custom built gaming rigs
    • Upgrades for gaming computers
    • 4K optimisation reaching those 200FPS THRESHOLDS
    • computer cooling optimisation
    • graphic OPTIMIsATION & driver support
    • Gaming suites built to specification
    • consultancy for gaming and events
    • gaming security and LAN optimisation
    • networking and BANDWIDTH OPTIMIsATION
    • event cat6/cat6A/CAT/CAT7A cabling
    • general troubleshooting