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iOpen Solutions waa created back in 2011 with a vision of simply providing a high level of support and technical ability (normally only found in top corporate firms), to small businesses and home users across the UK and Europe, but primarily local onsite support around the counties of south east England.

Our main goal is flexibility and technical dexterity, as every client or customer is different with different needs technically. We don't charge extortionate rates for our services but a simple pay as you go fee that works within your budget. We want to help your business and help you be successful using the right tools and have the correct infrastructure in place to grow.

Throughout the years we have looked after numerous customers that have stuck with us despite fierce competition, but this just shows you that we are one of the best and know business and professional user needs to ensure a healthy relationship between our clients and iOpen Solutions.

All we ask is that you call or email so we can arrange a chat, you might be very surprised what can be achieved with a simple vision...we did.


  • Data Recovery and Backup
  • Virus Removal
  • Wireless Networks
  • Software support
  • Remote Help
  • Tutoring and Training
  • And more
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My house was wired up with CAT6 cable so my kids can play games on their computers and I can stream. Runs like a dream.

Nigel McIntosh

Lingfield Resident

Lost all my data on a hard drive that was restored by the iOpen technicians. Got all my photos back, thank you.


Private customer

When my business expanded I need to move fully to cloud services, was helped all the way by the team and not one problem, all smooth and ticking over.

Micha Harrison

Private business

The team has been great over the last 5 years, supporting my family’s laptops and assisted me with my FCA business. One thing that stands out is the migration to Office 365 and helping me when my NAS hard drives failed. Managed to keep all my data once restored, brilliant…



“For Mac support and my website, I always use iOpen Solutions. Great company and work ethic, highly recommended.”

James Keller

Knowing London

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